Wolves Independent International Film Awards




Best Feature Narrative: „Tatara Samurai“, director Yoshinari Nishikôri, Japan
Best Short Narrative: „A Whole World for a Little World“, director Fabrice Bracq, France
Best Feature Documentary: „A Film Less Happy, More Sad, Poetical and Wise“, director Cornel Mihalache, Romania
Best Short Documentary: „In Search of Devaki“, director Devaki Bist, Nepal
Best Animation: „Cupid is Not a Terrorist“, director Bellopropello, Switzerland
Best Director: „Huldra - Lady of the Forest“, director Ove Valeskog, Sweden
Best Cinematography: „Beijing New York“, director Rain Li, United States
Best Actress: Priscila Sol, „My One and Only“, director Jonathan Albert Murphy, Brazil
Best Actor: Sho Aoyagi, „Tatara Samurai“, director Yoshinari Nishikôri, Japan
Best Editing: „Best before end...“, director Nicolas Fogliarini, France
Best Sound: Rossi Hugo „Pulse“, director Caresio Léo, France


„Mwah“, director Sara Soheili, Iran, Islamic Republic of
„Gandhi, Untouchables and Me“, director Rao Rampilla, United States
„Rosethorn“, director Aditya Patwardhan, United States
„I.o.T.“, director Jos den Brok, Netherlands
„Run / Flucht“, director Frank Blau, Germany
„"Vilsen" /Ave Mater“, director Rasmus Tirzitis, Sweden
„The Gaelic Curse“, director Jack Conroy, Ireland
„Bitch“, director Csaba Bene Perlenberg, Sweden
„Cinephiliac – 30“, director Matthew Tichenor, Canada
„Hooked - Pilot Extended Version“, director Luca Vecchi, Italy
„Timed Expectancy“, director Riccardo Pittaluga, Italy
„Lulu and the right words“, director Enrico Le Pera, United States
„Outcaste - The House that Carol Built“, director Colin Graham and Laura Graham, United Kingdom
„Elephants in the Coffee“, director Thomas Grant, D.K. Bhaskar, United States
„The Deepest Man in a Swimsuit“, director Haidy Kancler, Slovenia
„Guardians of the Aegean“, director Omiros Evangelinos, Greece
„Melanie“, director Susanne Helmer, Netherlands
„Beyond Abandonment“, director Aljaž Novak, Slovenia
„Inner Me“, director Antonio Spanò, Italy
„Silent Invaders“, director Szabolcs Mosonyi, Hungary
„Boujeloud: Father of Skins“, director Daragh McCarthy, Ireland
„The Riders of the Arctic“, director Hilse De Groote, Belgium
„The Bus Trip“, director Sarah Gampel, Sweden
„Eyes in the Deep“, director Handan Erdoğan, Turkey
„The Hidden Corner“, director Jaicheng Jai Dohutia, India
„Hard Shoulder“, director Nicholas David Lean, United Kingdom